Carter “the Epic” Andrews

Founder of Squabble, & Co-Host of Squabble the Podcast


Carter Andrews (often called “Carter the Epic”) is a movie enthusiast, a stubborn debater, a terrible chef, but first and foremost, a creator. Carter is a graphic designer, a cinematographer, and, obviously, a podcaster. He has always had a creative mind. From age 3 he was creating art with crayons and pencils (if you consider scribbles and terrible stick figures art). Carter often has headphones on, but he is never listening to music. Instead, Carter listens to podcasts. His love for podcasts combined with his experience arguing with his brother hatched an idea that would soon turn into his next greatest creation: Squabble. Some of Carter’s inspirations for Squabble are: Rhett and Link’s Ear Biscuits, and Jake Barton’s Historium.


Jacob Andrews

Co-host of Squabble the Podcast


At a young age Jacob Andrews was given the nickname “wordsworth” because of his surprisingly large vocabulary and ability to spit out multiple sentences at a time without taking a breath. Rumor has it, the first book he ever read was the dictionary. He likes to dance, he likes to play games, but mostly, he likes to talk. Jacob is the logical and practical side of Squabble. He usually takes the more reasonable side of the debate. He likes to throw out terms like: “facts don’t care about your feelings” and “because Kanye tweeted it."