Venom - Movie Review


Spoiler-free movie review of Venom by Luke Wilkerson.

“I’m a little scatterbrained writing this…”

- Luke Wilkerson

“Venom” in not consistently good and I definitely see why people hate this movie as much as they do. However, I think it really stands out and it has good moments. The question is: are those moments good enough to get you through the bad moments?

The first third of the movie is very long and has little to do with Venom himself. It focuses heavily on reporter Eddie Brock, played by Tom Hardy, and his life leading up to how he got his “parasite.” The movie played out as if they used a very rough draft of a script. It’s almost as if all their ideas were written down for further organization, but they never got around to it. Don’t get me wrong, it has some very good scenes and I enjoyed a lot of it. However, it could have been better.

Venom is at it’s best when it focuses on Venom himself… not Eddie Brock, but Venom. (Although, by the end of the movie, I did find myself really liking Brock’s character.) I loved Venom latching on to different people. One of my favorite aspects of the movie is when the different symbiotes are discussing their “friends” and the different comedy elements like it. To my dismay, Venom isn’t in the movie a whole lot. There are only about three scenes where you see him in full action, head to toe. One of those scenes in particular hints to a further franchise.

Tom Hardy is really the star in this movie. Even when Venom is in action, it’s often just Hardy in some makeup and a hoodie, relying solely on Hardy’s acting, which I have to say, was pretty impressive. Michelle Williams was also a stand out. She’s involved in a cool surprise that I don’t want to spoil. Her storyline and character are a perfect example of what makes supporting characters good in superhero movies, and movies in general. The antagonist of the movie, while he was a great actor, just doesn’t work with the overall context. His effects on the other characters around him are interesting, but at the same time I think he should have had less screen time.

This movie is all over the place, but I see where the intention was. Again, I compare this movie to a rough draft of a script. While there are a lot of good aspects (directing, acting, special effects) the script brings the whole thing down.

Overall, I think Venom is a really fun movie. I would compare it to some of the original “Marvel” superhero movies. Since this is supposed to be the start of a franchise, I think this is something that should be watched in theaters… but just have fun and don’t think too much into it.

Luke Wilkerson