Smallfoot - Movie Review


Spoiler-free, comprehensive, movie review of Smalllfoot by Luke Wilkerson

 “Smallfoot” is a fun movie I would recommend watching… but I think it’s up to you to decide if you if you need to see it in theaters or not. Smallfoot did not blow me away. Its animation is simply average, its story goes a little all over the place, and the musical numbers, while good, do not stand out, nor do they justify the odd reason for having them. The voice acting is very good though! Smallfoot is filled with some top stars and almost every major character has a recognizable voice attached to it. Smallfoot does not stand out, and falls somewhere in the middle of a fun, but sort of forgettable, movie.

The animation in this movie was a little unimpressive, considering the fact it is from “Warner Brothers Animation,” which have made some amazing creations over the years. The yeti world is simply not big enough. It seems as if they just didn’t want to spend the time rendering unnecessary objects, which is what “Disney Animation” and “Pixar Studios” specialize in. Other than that, The world looks okay, but could have been more fleshed out. When they were building their world, I can see where their ideas probably looked good on paper, but it isn’t brought to life like it should be–which I count as a directing issue.

The voice acting from everyone is great! The actors do a good job owning the lines they were given and give great musical performances. This is especially true for “Zendaya” and “Channing Tatum.” Tatum really surprised me with his musical ability and the execution of his lines. Another surprising performance came from “Lebron James.” I was pleased to see him give such a good performance. I also liked the “Stonekeeper,” who was played by the rapper and actor “Common.” His song was by far the best. It also played in really well towards the end of the movie, considering the plot twist.

The one thing that I just didn’t understand was why this was a musical. It only has four original songs and those are not as good as the covers they included like “Under Pressure” by “Queen.” Additionally, there is no real big number that stands out among the other songs… again; this is where Disney specializes. The songs have weird pacing and the placement of the songs is awful. Coming from someone who has written various musicals; it was just a little hard to watch this take place.

I think this movie has a lot of good stuff in it. I could see this becoming a really good franchise for Warner Brothers. Similar to their “Lego” movies or “Storks,” which are both great. In terms of quality, Smallfoot reminded me a lot of “Despicable Me.” I thought it had some very funny moments and I laughed out loud several times… the kids in my theater were loving it. However, Smallfoot just doesn’t have a clock to it like other animated movies have.

So I say: if you want to go see a movie with your family you would not regret seeing Smallfoot. Just know that it doesn’t have that sell-lots-of-toys-and-make-ten-sequels vibe to it like some animated movies do. I don’t know how much kids would like it compared to other popular cartoons. That being said, it is a very funny movie and If you are a fan of animation, you would really like it.

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