The Incredibles 2 - No Spoilers - Movie Review


   This review has no spoilers for The Incredibles 2.

   What occurred to me as I was watching “The Incredibles 2” is this: it is the Terminator 2 of animation. As an overall movie it is not as good as Terminator 2, however, when you look at the state of animation it is similar to the infamous Terminator sequel. While The Incredibles 2 definitely tries to duplicate the famous formula from the original Incredibles film (a movie that is one of, if not, my favorite Disney film ever) it also tried to be different. This worked out perfectly! The updated animation set the tone, made the movie richer, and kept the setting darker.

   The Incredibles 2 doesn’t have as much of a complex story as the first film. Nevertheless, it brings a lot of new aspects to the table. There are three ways it improves upon the original: action, power, and animation. The real MVP’s, in terms of action, are Elastigirl, Frozone, Jack Jack, and Void. With the stakes raised to an eleven it truly made for amazing and intense action scenes. As a die-hard fan of the original, as I have seen it over a hundred times, I found myself joyfully taken aback in the nostalgic world of the first Incredibles installment. I was glad to see the familiar characters again. Additionally, as someone who likes the narratives of middle chapter movies, I hope this becomes one. Similar to Toy Story 2; the obviously superior Toy Story film. I’m glad The Incredibles 2 followed suit of the first one (pun intended).

   The sequel causes some interesting character arcs without ruining the characters you know and love. This film should be seen on the best quality screen possible. If seeing your favorite characters on the big screen isn’t enough, the quality of the animation and the new world-setting is worth it. The character arcs are softer and more emotional than that of the original. These arcs occured through stunning action sequences and made for some amazing, in-depth, moments. Edna Mode’s cameo was near perfection. Other than Edna, the Parr family, and Frozone, there are not very many recurring characters from the first film. Oh, except Honey (Frozone’s wife).

   Without a doubt, this is Pixar’s best sequel! The first and second Incredibles movies should be watched back-to-back. The Incredibles 2 is more action heavy, more superhero-ish, and has a near episodic nature to it that leaves you wanting much, much, more. As someone who has invested their life into The Incredibles franchise I will certainly be seeing this sequel again. I will be the first to theater for The Incredibles 3… should that ever happen.


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Luke Wilkerson