The Incredibles 2 - Spoiler Review


Warning: below is a spoiler review for The Incredibles 2. A non-spoiler review is available as well.

   From Jack Jack’s powers, to Evelyn being the Screenslaver, to the Underminer fight, I don’t know where to begin! The reason I liked The Incredibles 2 so much is because I love the characters. It’s easy to make a sequel exactly like the first film and hope it turns out good, which is what I expected… but who knew Pixar would change it up and give me things I didn’t even know I wanted!

   While superhero movies had been around way before 2004, they hadn’t really been great films. There were some good entries but for the most part they were mediocre… then comes The Incredibles. Four years before Marvel even started to crack the superhero formula, The Incredibles had already done it! They made it look easy.

   What movie genre has been really good but not where it could be? -- The action, spy movies. Particularly; Mission Impossible. Instead of trying to beat the original Incredibles film by re-doing the superhero genre, Pixar swept in and secretly made the best Mission Impossible movie like nobody’s business (but with a superhero twist). The upcoming Mission Impossible 6 looks good, and that just proves that The Incredibles has beat yet another genre. The Incredibles 2 is ahead of its time. The Incredibles stand out and is a great standalone movie. It’s new and it’s fresh. Here’s why:

1. Jack Jack

   Everything from the posters to the merch, this weird racoon kept showing up. It seemed like Pixar was going to overdo it with childish themes and kid centric jokes. However, having seen the film, I was mighty impressed. When Jack Jack was looking at that raccoon and caught on fire without moving a muscle, the whole audience laughed and cheered. At that moment, I not only decided I loved this movie, but seeing a grown-up Jack Jack using his newly found superpowers made me see potential for future Incredibles movies. Jack Jack was certainly a stand out.

2. Evelyn Deavor

   If Evelyn wasn’t the villain, it was her brother. Who didn’t see that coming? While I appreciated the attempted plot-twist in the story (revealing Screenslaver was Evelyn), like, come on… nobody as Pixar thought that was too obvious? That being said, this plot-twist genuinely raised the stakes. It made me wonder who would get caught wearing the evil, brainwashing glasses and who wouldn’t!

   Evelyn’s motivation was as equally as dark as Syndrome’s (The first Incredibles villain). I only wish they would have acknowledge the similarities, as Helen did with the police scanners.

3. Action

   Helen versus Bob, kid verses adults -- the action was crazy! While I wish the Helen versus Bob fight would have been five minutes longer, I was immediately reassured after the amazing fight at the Parr house. This was one of my favorite fights. The kids were more powerful but the adults were smarter. It was only a matter of time before someone got those infamous goggles slapped on.

   The scene with Helen and the train was the perfect James Bond/Mission Impossible scene. Ending it with a mysterious note from the Screenslaver, I truly felt it was a worthy sequel at that point.

4. Edna Mode (and guests)

   Edna Mode’s role in the film is really just an extended cameo. However, Pixar uses her to execute a very clever writing tactic -- Edna figures out all of Jack Jack’s super powers. This works from a comedic standpoint, it hints to the original, and ads a fresh layer of memoir by turning normal Edna into Auntie Edna.

   As I said in my non-spoiler review, there aren’t too many reappearing cameos in the film outside of Edna and Rick Dicker. Both the characters fit the story well.

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Luke Wilkerson