Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - No Spoilers - Movie Review


A non-spoiler review of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by Luke Wilkerson

   The reason I enjoyed “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” so much is because the movie had everything I like; horrific moments, a surprisingly complex plot, and great development for our characters. Likewise, as I re-watched all the films leading up to Fallen Kingdom I wondered how many times they could pull the same “let’s go to a dinosaur-filled island” plot.

   The opening scene in this movie already made made me like the movie a lot. It was genuinely thrilling. itt had me engaged in the story, it was intense, and the way it sets up the rest of the story while tying back to the first Jurassic World is really great!

   Overall, there are a lot of great scenes in this movie. While the tone certainly shifts back and forth, it’s very well paced. Additionally, there is a lot of action (like lots of action). There are also lots of twists. One of the biggest twists being in the first act, which I didn't see coming. There was another one in the end, however, had it been in any other movie it would have been ridiculously stupid. It was very out of the ordinary and the movie really didn’t do much with it. It was more like a setup for the next film.

   Cameos from the original films are good but cut short. The film also puts a good emphasis on the dinosaurs… with dinosaurs teaming up with human villains and human heroes alike, they are treated like actual characters. With new CGI technology, for the first time, they look like they could be real. “Universal” has done a great job at trying to make the dinosaurs look real. It took them a few movies, but this time they got it just right - it felt like it could be believable.While dinosaurs are a big part of the story, they are more-so part of the mission the human characters are on. Don’t get me wrong, the thrilling moments in the film give plenty of great dino-centric scenes, and the human characters have more interaction with them then they have ever before, for example; giving Chris Pratt’s character a genuine dino friend named “Blue.”

   Lots of people disliked the movie. I believe it is because of the shift in tone from the other four movies. Others I’ve talked to have said the same thing. I think before you see it you should be prepared - it won’t be like the other “Jurassic Park” films. Someone like me, knowing this ahead of time, liked it much more than others. Overall, I say this movie takes the great elements from the other 4 films (horror, islands, characters) and creates the best Jurassic sequel yet. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the Jurassic films, but particularly Jurassic Park and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. These two are certainly the best of them and great monster movies.

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Luke Wilkerson