Trailer Rankings #1


   Read this recap of this week’s movie trailers and rank them with me! I ranked  my top five, from worst to best:


#5: Mortal Engines

   When you get down to it, the reason there is no buzz for Mortal Engines (or you’ve never even heard of it) is because many of us feel we have already seen it. The movie just looks like a mix of Geostorm, City of Ember, and Valerian. These are all movies I have seen and am not a huge fan of. Mortal Engines just doesn’t look like a good movie. That’s weird considering it’s a Peter Jackson film. Jackson directed the Lord of the Rings trilogy! Has he lost his knack for filmmaking?


#4: Bumblebee

   There were a lot of franchises that tried to rebrand themselves last year and most of them were not particularly good movies. Usually when it comes to the Transformers franchise you always know what you’re going to get. However, Bumblebee looks difference -- like an Iron Giant inspiration. Although, all things considered, it’s most likely going to be the same ol’ Transformers movie.


#3: Ralph Breaks the Internet

   When I discovered this movie was called “Ralph Breaks the Internet” instead of just “Wreck it Ralph 2” I was curious as to why. After watching the trailer, I quickly realized this isn’t “Wreck it Ralph 2,” this is “Disney Infinity: the Movie”... but hey, I’m not complaining! With very little screen time in the trailer for both Ralph and Vanellope this is turning out to be Disney’s version of “Ready Player One.” However, I see that working out in their favor.


#2 The LEGO Movie 2

    I am a big fan of the first LEGO Movie and LEGO Batman (I thought LEGO Ninjago was just okay). I am super excited for this movie. The original was really funny and had an entertaining plot with lots of twists I didn’t see coming. The trailer began with a Mad Max style scene and I am already excited! Also, they are actually doing “the alien thing” from the end of the first movie.


#1: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

   Wow, this trailer blew me away! The fact that an animated Spider-Man movie could look this good is crazy. The animation style works and it’s nothing I would’ve said yes to if I were Sony. It seems ridiculously hard, but it looks amazing on screen! The score and characters look amazing as well. It is great to see Miles Morales as the main Spider-Man. Spider-Gwen on the big screen will be so cool! I see potential for this to be the holiday movie of the year, maybe even surpassing Jumanji in profit. If the movie is as good as the trailer, they better make this into a franchise!


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Luke Wilkerson