Oceans 8 - Movie Review


   When you think of the original Ocean's trilogy, you probably think: “I like those movies!” However, when was the last time you heard someone say it was their favorite movie? The latest installment in the Oceans franchise is no different. It is not as good as the original Oceans 11, but it certainly falls into Oceans 12 space. Oceans 8 is a fun spinoff that barrows heavily from the DNA of it's parent film. Although, I think it could be sold as a stand-alone. The question is: is this Oceans movie a great heist film that has some confusing family lineage? Yes!

   The trailers for this movie were spot on, showing the fun and silliness aspects of the movie while also showing the great editing and music that goes along with the Oceans franchise. The movie is, in a positive way, a two-hour extension of the trailers. Ask yourself: “Did I enjoy the trailer?” If you did, I believe you will enjoy the movie.

   The best part of this movie is the cast. The Oceans franchise is no stranger to a star-studded cast. They can do most of the advertising by simply sticking its cast on posters. I personally enjoyed all of the cast members except for (surprise!) Cate Blanchett. I thought her act was just a weird Brad Pitt rip-off. She was in the movie because she’s Cate Blanchett, not because of her acting ability. However, I thought she did good in past movies I have seen her in so maybe she will step up her game. If these films continue like the originals, we will see a Cate Blanchett centric film for the sequel and maybe they will flesh out and explore her character a little bit more. Similar to Brad Pitt’s role in the original.

   Cameos from the first Oceans film don’t go unnoticed and are placed naturally, but not perfectly, throughout the film. One problem I feel should have been fixed is Warner Brother’s failure to get Stephen Soderberg back. Soderberg was one of the best parts of the original trilogy. To further plead my case; all he’s doing now-a-days is making iPhone movies.

   A surprising factor to the film’s success is the score -- which is not solely comprised of their theme song. Instead, it is an actual soundtrack. The song from the trailer is actually in the movie. The music fits the dramatic, comedic, and heist-centric scenes cohesively throughout the movie to unify it. However, there is sometimes a very odd change of tone in the movie that occurs a ittle too often. Likewise, this film rushed past certain parts too quickly and could have easily added another twenty minutes to better flesh characters out. Although, this does make for a very fast paced movie that never gets boring.

   I should talk about the heist. It needed to be explained more upfront, like it was in Oceans 11. There was confusion about why they recruited specific people for the job and it had me wondering what it was all leading up to. Nevertheless, when it was all said and done, the heist was not only very entertaining, but the best sequence in the movie. It was exciting to see how everything worked together. To their credit, the heist scene should be the best part of a heist movie, right?

   I think Oceans 9 could, not only make it on the board, but become a personal favorite if done right. I never got to see Oceans 13 but I thoroughly enjoyed Oceans 11 and 12. Although the first one is the best. If they could raise the budget and get George Clooney and Stephen Soderberg back (or just Clooney) I would be even more on board for two sequels!

   The questions is: “should you see it?” I would recommend seeing Oceans 8 on a lazy day, maybe a matinee, as I did, and just enjoy it. Like I said; if you liked the trailer you’ll like this movie. If you are an Oceans enthusiast then you will enjoy it even more, hunting easter eggs in the film. It is by no means a “must see,” just a fun time at the movies.


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Luke Wilkerson