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Luke Wilkerson's movie review for Skyscraper.

Spoiler free!

    One of the biggest surprises about Skyscraper was the quality of the film. Specifically in terms of the script, acting, and directing. There are certainly flaws, but it certainly deserves to be seen in theaters - I believe that is the best way to experience it.

    One of the things that makes it a “must see,” especially for The Rock’s fans, is The Rock’s acting; he was really trying for a more dramatic role! We are not used to seeing The Rock’s emotional and dramatic side, especially in an action movie. Other “acting standouts” include The Rock’s wife, played by Neve Campbell, who I found to be very nice and a very good character. She was the exact opposite of The Rock. The “kid actors” were good but the boy was the best. He had some very clunky dialogue and the writers certainly make it known that they are not used to writing for kids. However, the rest was flawless.

    I wasn’t a fan of the villainous characters, at least not the main one. I was very much a fan of the female villain and the guy who hacks the computer in the beginning, but the main villain just didn’t seem like he knew what he was doing.

    Another shocking factor of the movie is the suspensefulness. It had me actually jumping at one part and I was on the edge of my seat for the rest. It also had the most inventive way of building up suspense! One of the most suspenseful parts is towards the end and involves a giant fan. It was really good and spoke to the quality of the movie. Additionally, this movie has a very cinematic feel. It contained sky shots of buildings and Dwayne Johnson on enormous height. This looks awesome on the big screen.

    Now for some of the problems I had with the movie: it just wasn’t executed well. There were very clunky lines, some very clucky sequences, and plot points that just don’t make sense. To the movie’s credit; the movies sense of architecture, and the skyscraper itself, is done very well with some great visual effects. However, the writers of the movie kind of use the infamous skyscraper as a cheat card. They make the building do whatever the story needs at any point in time (particularly towards the end, if you know what I mean)!

    Overall, I think Skyscraper is a movie worth seeing. Certainly see it on a big screen, and just have fun with it. It’s a fun summer movie that has something in it for everyone. It’s also surprisingly put together (sidenote: it seemed heavily inspired by Die Hard) and there is a great cast whom really made an effort to contribute to the movie

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