Hotel Transylvania 3 - No Spoilers - Movie Review


   Hotel Transylvania 3, spoiler-free, movie review by Luke Wilkerson.

    When “Hotel Transylvania 3” started, I have to say, I was a bit worried. The whole thing seemed kind of stupid at first. There are lot of problems with the movie. However, after a handful of great sequences the movie ends up being a really fun. The best way to describe it: a classic cartoon.

    This is the opposite of “Incredibles 2” in terms of its sophistication. Hotel Transylvania 3 is just a movie to watch simply because it’s fun and nothing more. The movie is not a “must see.” Although, like I said; there are lots of great moments. Families, or someone who’s into classic animated movies, will love this movie.

    My favorite part was the colors and the amazing style of animation. They often let the camera just sit on some of their amazing digital creations. I have to say; at certain points it was quite mesmerizing. The best cinematography was at the end. The finale was a really great scene that left me on a good note. It involved a giant sea monster and a lot of different genres of music that may not have fully hit every note (no pun intended). It certainly has some moments that you can’t help but like.

    Additionally, the movie does star a lot of clichés. I basically knew a whole characters storyline for the rest of the movie simply because of one scene. I don’t want spoil anything, but I feel like the writers were thinking: “We know none of this makes since, but the scene is super cool isn’t it?”

    I think the voice acting in this movie was decent. However, it was not better than the previous Hotel Transylvania movies. Comparatively, not anywhere near as good as The Incredibles movies.

    I did like the change in pace from the other two Hotel Transylvania movies and I think they should continue the Hotel Transylvania series. We have 2 movies in a hotel and have one set in an ocean… my idea for a fourth is: competing hotels.

    Anyway, Hotel Transylvania 3 is a good family movie and will satisfy and amaze big animation fans, or Adam Sandler fans. If you aren’t one of those types of people, and still decide to watch it, there is still something in it for you; including an amazing score (highlighted in the final battle), some very clever moments, and brilliant animation that will make it entertaining at the least. It’s also surprisingly cinematic for an animated movie. There’s a whole five minutes underwater! This movie isn’t for everybody, but everyone it’s intended for, will appreciate it.

Luke Wilkerson