All 5 Mission Impossible Movies Ranked


Mission: Impossible Ranked by Luke Wilkerson

    I was never really interested in the "Mission Impossible" franchise until it was announced at the Super Bowl earlier this year that there would be a trailer for the upcoming "Mission Impossible - Fallout." So I binge watched all the films in a week to prepare... and I have to say; it's amazing how we can go from a movie so bad to one of the best spy films ever made. Which ones which? Well that's what I’m about to show you. In honor of the sixth film's release, this week would be the perfect time to rank all five Mission Impossible movies.


"Mission: Impossible 2"

Score: 4/10

    This film is near garbage. "Mission: Impossible 2" is truly full of every cliché in existence. Not only spy clichés, but also that of action films and films from the nineties to early two thousand's. With an unthoughtful and heartless attempt at a love story and plot, the movie provides no entertainment. The action consists of simply blowing things up. They don't integrate the movie's good qualities into the story at all, such as the spy gadgets and IMF building. It feels detached from the rest of the films.

    Overall, I gave "Mission: Impossible 2" a 4/10 because, while it's not all bad, it's just simply not good. It has little story, lazy writing, and is just simply boring. I re-watched these movies to prepare for this list, however, I do not plan to ever re-watch this one again. I found myself not wanting to pause it because, if I did, I would never finish it. Then, I found myself wondering if I should even watch the third one. They seem to go downhill! But just wait, I was wrong; they certainly do not.



"Mission: Impossible"

Score: 6/10

    The first "Mission: Impossible" is certainly not a bad movie. In fact, I really like it. It will go down as the start to an amazing spy genre franchise! It was a good spy movie for it's time, but I think today's special effects have helped the "Mission: Impossible" films quite a bit, as you will see in my review of "Rogue Nation." That being said, I don’t like it when spy movies just randomly add super ridiculous and unbelievable special effects. Spy movies should be a slight exaggerated reality of today' tech - things that could exist today, but are hard to get a hold of or that are in first trials. This film is just a little too unbelievable.

    However, this movie did bring us Tom Cruise's character: Ethan Hunt. It also has a couple cool twists (even though I saw both coming). It's just a little too impossible, like the helicopter in the tunnel scene. For the overall tone, it feels a little weird and off from reality, with only characters that work for Ethan Hunt's IMF (or do they?). It feels like a very odd, and well put together, dream... both the good and the bad.



"Mission: Impossible 3"

Score: 7/10

    Speaking of updated special effects and a positive turn for the franchise: this is a good example of that not going correctly. The main problem I have with "Mission: Impossible 3" is the fact that it's strictly an action movie... at least it's a good action movie unlike "Mission: Impossible 2."

"Mission: Impossible 3" has the best cast of all the other movies. While they don’t give their best acting performances, they are certainly likable and bring a more lighter tone that balances out the action. Although I’m still not feeling the Michele Monagan thing.

    This action-centric movie does provide Tom Cruise's best performance, in terms of drama. Drama is something he doesn’t do that often and it is nice to see him try something new for the franchise. It also not only has a great villain, but also has an amazing opening scene that makes you want to keep watching from the moment you start. Along with the action, this is overall very engaging and is a very entertaining movie with, of course, lots of twists.



"Mission: Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol"

Score: 8/10

    "Mission: Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol" is the first movie I think is all-around good. This movie is visually amazing, as they really used their locations to their advantage. They used the Dubai Tower in an amazing scene by having Tom Cruise actually hang from it!

    This film has a few story problems that, I'm sure if I watched this movie again, would make it somewhat boring. There is also lack of attention-keeping action. As I said in my recent review of "The Death of Superman"; a lot of things get destroyed, but there’s not much action to make you keep watching.



"Mission: Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation"

Score: 9/10

    "Mission: Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation" is one of the best, if not the very best, spy movies ever made. It is amazing. The total opposite of my opinions on "Mission: Impossible 2." This movie had some amazing sequences and they were really thinking outside the box! They introduced some great new ideas. For instance, my favorite scene: the scene at the opera where everyone is trying to get the member of the syndicate to the final beat of the song. That is the stand out "Mission: Impossible" scene for me. In my opinion, it beat out the Dubai scene from "Ghost Protocol."

    The characters in this movie are really used to their best and make for some comedic but dramatic scenes that are plus-ed by the score and the direction to add a layer of suspense to the movie that works while keeping the exaggerated reality tech elements from the other films that I felt where the best part. It also explores deeper into the world giving more insight into IMF, the syndicate, and who is on who’s side. I think this movie is amazing and I think the "Mission: Impossible" movies should stay in the direction of amazing stories but richer tone in the future and is a great set up for those further films.

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