The Death of Superman - Spoiler Review


Luke Wilkerson's Review of The Death of Superman.

Spoiler Warning.

    If you have seen “Superman/Doomsday,” the animated movie from 2007, then you understand my confusion as to why they would remake it, but this time titled: “The Death of Superman.”  The Death of Superman was thoroughly enjoyable (not without flaws of course), but there are a lot of other stories for DC to animate! My initial thought was this: there was no real reason for it to be animated - it could have easily been live action. That being said, going into it I was actually kind of surprised to see plenty of reason for it to be animated! However, I think the main reason the movie was even made was to experiment with the “kill Superman” storyline, but in live action. We’ve now seen this story twice, going on three.

    One of my newfound favorite reasons for it to be animated was the action! It was really a joy to watch. Whether there was a good amount of action or not is debatable. But nonetheless, when it was there it was good. The action is really incorporated into the animation by doing things that are realistic, but would look silly if you saw them in a live action movie.

    While a lot of things get destroyed at the end of this movie and throughout, there’s not a lot of actual fighting going on. There aren’t a lot of action scenes keeping you attached to the story, especially because they gave away the end of the movie in the marketing, posters, and title. You’re kind of left waiting to see if this next scene is going to kill him. But again; when the action is there, it is really there… and it’s really good at making you wish it was there for longer.

    It’s not just Superman that gets great action scenes, it’s the whole justice league. Spoiler: they do all show up and have full fight scenes in this movie - and they are good - one involving Doomsday. They also slowly reveal a character that is really good - something I don’t normally see in animation. The script for this movie is also beyond animation and is probably the best script, for DC animated movies, I have seen. It is on par with their live action films.

    Finally, the thing that makes this stand out the most is giving Superman a real struggle, emotionally, as a character. It my recent review for “Skyscraper,” I said it was different but I liked it. I feel the same way about The Death of Superman. They really focused on character depth, and that makes up for many of their problems.

    Overall, while most of the recent “Death of Superman” stories have been very experimental, like “Batman Ninja” or “Justice League Dark,” this one seems even more-so experimental. I got the sense they were just testing out the story for “Man of Steel 2.”

Luke Wilkerson