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Spoiler-free review of the Mile 22 movie by Luke Wilkerson!

It has a lot of faults, but the movie "Mile 22" hit the bullseye with it's cast and concepts. It shows amazing performances by almost everyone, and has some amazingly choreographed action scenes, but it just doesn’t give a whole lot of time to develop these great characters to their fullest potential. The script is mediocre; this is certainly your average action movie... and after the last two action movies I recently watched ("Mission Impossible: Fallout," and "The Equalizer"), this one looks like it was made in the 2000's.

As I stated above, the cast really does a lot to drive this movie. Lauren Cohan is my favorite, which is a surprise because I’ve grown to really dislike her character on the last season of her show: "The Walking Dead." Ronda Rousey has some great moments too. Her acting is not top notch but she really pulls of the action scenes. Finally, Iko Uwais was really a stand out. He brought everything to the table and seemed to work as hard as he could... especially with the script he had to work with. However, it was weird for him to be starring on the posters but for the movie to be advertised as a Mark Wahlberg movie. Uwais plays a slow character in the movie. At times, the movie would cut away from the action to show his character giving a speech about his vibrant personality traits that were never followed through with... much like a lot of the characters. Mark Wahlberg does a really good job playing this character and proved he could do it again in a future sequel.

The action in this movie ended up being surprisingly good, but it was slow to get there. Mile 22 had an amazing opening set up but I was a little disappointed that everything went by to quickly. It was cut like your typical action movie cuts, but I had a really hard time seeing everything that was going on. At the end, when they really let you dig into the action, is really when it got good. For example; my favorite scene, and the scene where it really began to pick up, is the street fight towards the middle of the movie. It reminded me of a another Mark Wahlberg movie: his recent "Patriots Day." It also had an awesome street fight.

Overall, Mile 22 is not a must-see for your typical movie goer, but for an action fan, this has a lot to satisfy you. It has several great action scenes and a clever twist in the end (I didn’t even see it coming). In the end, you will leave having thoroughly enjoyed your movie experience.

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