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Spoiler-free review of Christopher Robin (the movie, not the person) by Luke Wilkerson!

I have to say that I was a little nervous going to see "Christopher Robin." I was with everybody else on Winnie's character design: it's a little creepy... and the first ten minutes of the movie that's all I could think about. However, once the movie got its plot going and the walking, talking stuffed animals got off screen for a little while, it was actually not that bad. I think making jokes about how they looked in the movie helped distract me from how weird it must seem for a living stuffed animal to roll all over the streets of a London park bench.

I think my favorite character was Eeyore. He really brought some comedy to the movie when it was needed, especially after a weird scene involving Winnie the Pooh forcing Christopher Robin around a dark and misty forest as he chases after a screeching sound before getting knocked out in a mud hole and trying to escape.

This movie is on par with some of Disney's other non-fairy tale flicks like "Saving Mr. Banks" and "Mary Poppins." Make no mistake, this is certainly not a bad movie. In fact, I actually enjoyed a lot of scenes in it. Ewan McGregor was a decent Christopher Robin. The actress’s that played his wife and kid were also pretty good. Sherlock's brother made an appearance as well!

This movie is honestly a lot like the trailers. So if you enjoyed the trailers you will have a fun time with this movie. Nevertheless, while I enjoyed it, there’s just not much to write about when it comes to Christopher Robin. Even though Christopher Robin is better from a script and visuals point of view, it is similar to what we all thought the 2015 Peter Pan remake would be but ended up being the worst re-imagining ever made.

This movie is more in line with a British war movie like "Darkest Hour" but with more heart and some funny moments. You would benefit from seeing this on the big screen, because it has some truly amazing visuals. However, it would be okay to wait for this movie to come out on Disney's own streaming service.

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