The Darkest Minds - Movie Review


Detailed spoiler free review of The Darkest Minds by Luke Wilkerson.

"The Darkest Minds" is not a bad movie. In fact, it has some really good moments, it's just not a "must see." If you’ve seen any book-to-movie adaptation (with the exception of "Hunger Games" and "Harry Potter") you’ve basically seen this movie. This movie follows every young adult movie adaptation to a T. I can say I predicted 90% of this movie from the first fifteen minutes.

All that being said, the movie has all the good qualities of every book-to-movie adaption; interesting moments and ideas. However, the movie felt more like a long trailer for the book. You will benefit from reading the book beforehand because the movie really doesn’t do much to explain the world. They give one-sentence answers to questions that should have been big sub-plots in the movie.

The acting in The Darkest Minds is decent. Obviously, this movie is a starting point for a lot of the teen's acting careers. I thought Ruby's love interest, Liam, was weak. Liam gets some good moments but I thought he came across a little annoying. Overall, Liam's actor; Harris Dickinson, did okay, but with the right role could continue on in the acting space. The actor, and character, who stands out is Skylan Brooks, who plays Charles, also known as Chubs. He has really funny lines. Some are cheesy, but he still goes for it and makes it work, even when it shouldn't have.

In the movie, there are really no surprising twists. It's very predictable and you can see everything coming from a mile away. For those of you who have seen "Marvel's Infinity War," the ending of The Darkest Minds is kind of hilarious.

In conclusion, I would say The Darkest Minds is a good watch for a car ride or a lazy day when it's out on streaming. Watching it in theaters will only really be worth it for people who are super into the book, as this movie basically needs the book, or at least a recap, to not feel like you're always lost in the story. Now you will not regret watching this movie at all. Like I said; it does have some very good story elements, but it's just not enough for me to count is as a "must see."

Luke Wilkerson