Searching - Movie Review


A critical review of "Searching" by Luke Wilkerson.

   Honestly, I expected "Searching" to be good because of all the buzz and the people saying it was Hitchcock-level suspense. I was genuinely surprised; it was even better than I expected.

   I have to say, I had never seen a movie where it’s all shot through a computer screen. It was weird at first, like I had rented out the theater and was browsing the internet, but soon it became very natural as if I was scrolling through the internet myself. It makes you think about how much investigation work and information you can find about people purely on the internet. After all of it came together I understood why they chose to do it all the way they did.

   The best part about "Searching" is the script. It has some amazing twists that I didn’t see coming. I don’t want to spoil any of them because the twists are really some of the best parts of the movie. Let’s just say that all the twists were very well thought out and very well done!

   The acting actually surprised me, particularly from John Cho. Cho did a great job. I was also surprised by the fact that all the key acting scenes seems to take place on an iMac webcam. Nevertheless, it really made me appreciate it even more as I feel like it’s more difficult to accomplish. Although a lot of what made Cho's character good was the script and the writing, he really did well with what he had and really sold it.

   The aspect that goes underrated is the editing. For example; how these types of movies are spliced together using the different clips while making it actually look like our characters are texting from their laptops and such. The editors recreate the entire layout of apps like "YouTube"  and that is really something. There are also several parts that anyone who gets on the internet will find hilarious, including a cool scene involving "Reddit" that I don’t want to spoil.

   Additionally, there is a scene in this movie where they use a relaxing score, as if it came straight off "YouTube." I loved the music and how they used it. Even though it's relaxing, they use it to build suspense rather than the opposite. It's really well done and that's something that stood out to me. Not only because of how good of an idea it was, but also how simple it was and the fact they went through with it. This sort of thing happens a lot in this movie... that's kind of what this movie is.

   Overall, I would definitely recommend seeing "Searching," but it’s up to you if you feel a computer screen is worth seeing in the theater or not. It's just a really good movie and everything from the script to the acting is all well done. Their ideas are brilliant and the mystery is very well set up from a story telling point of view.

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Luke Wilkerson